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Splendid Kashmir Holiday Packages

´╗┐The beautiful valley of Kashmir needs no introduction. Magical, charismatic, amazing, captivating, alluring etc are so many adjectives which are added by various poets and writers after visiting this panoramic beauty on this earth. Hemmed between North Western ranges of Himalayas, the state of Jammu & Kashmir has main three geographical regions known as Jhelum Valley (Kashmir), Indus Valley (Ladakh & Frontier areas) and the Southern mountain ranges (Jammu). Srinagar the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir with its medieval charm has sights, smells and sounds to enchant the most jaded traveler. Its typical roads and bustling bazaars are photographer's delight that allure visitors from far off places to enjoy few days of theirfe over here. On Kashmir holidays guests can come across breathtaking physical environment, beauteous lakes, cascading springs, trekking opportunities, water sports, golfing, adventure activities, delicious Kashmiri cuisines, spiritual places, rich cultural heritage and age old traditions that make the valley of Kashmir a paradise on earth without any comparison. Srinagar the capital city of Jammu & Kashmir is a unique blend of modern infrastructure and rich cultural heritage. The city is adorned with beauteous Dal Lake and Mughal garden which are the identity of the state. The city is also among the most traveled cities of the country due to its breathtaking environment and world class modern amenities. Sightseeing in Srinagar is commonly done by bus or taxi. Another way to absorb the beauty of the city is through shikara rides. The city is also known for its various religious siteske Shankracharya temple, Hazrat Bal shrine, Raghunath temple, Jama Masjid and shrines of Makhdoorn Sahib, Dastgieer Sahib Etc. Jammu the winter capital of the state is famous for its temples such as Vaishno Devi and Amarnath which are thronged by vast number of devotees from all corners of the world. The adventure tourism is the biggest attraction of Kashmir holidays. The turbulent rivers that flow from the rugged mountains especially from the icy heights of Himalayas make a perfect setting to enjoy water sports. The mighty rivers which are formed by various small and long streams cruising through the rocky paths and deep forests break into silvery white rapids creates a perfect setting to enjoy river rafting. The Lidder River in Pahalgam is one such ideal location to enjoy white river rafting in ice cold rough streams of water which are ready to challenge you. The best season to enjoy these wild and rough beats of water is between April and September. Gulmarg, Sonamarg, and Dras are the other places where the visitors are challenged by nature. Pir Pranjal ranges in the hilly regions of Gulmarg, Naga Parbat, and Khilanmarg are the ideal places to enjoy trekking. Skiing at the snow covered grounds of Gulmarg allures the visitors in large numbers during the winters. Golf is also getting very popular in Kashmir. The golf clubs of Gulmarg see vast number of sports enthusiasts from far off places playing the game and enjoying it. Sonamrg, another destination is a big hit among the adventure freaks. Here one can go for fishing, trekking, skiing, angling, camping and try out various aero-sports etc. Pahalgam is a perfect retreat for the visitors. The major attraction of this beautiful destination includes its majestic mountains, glaciers, vast stretch of meadows and forests. So while you are visiting Pahelgam don't forget to spend some time amidst natural surroundings. So don't wait! Book Kashmir Holiday Packages and Enjoying Best holidays Destination in Kashmir is thrilling, rejuvenating and once in afe time experience. Go and enjoy it!


´╗┐pKnown for the amazing landscape and the exotic water, Lefkada has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma are the most famous beaches, while Agios Ioannis and Vassiliki are great for windsurfing and other watersports. Destination tip: visit Anesis Village Studios and Apartments for a beautiful environment, with easy access to many beaches, only 3 km from Lefkada town. 1) Porto Katsiki Lefkada: 45 km south west of Lefkada Town/strong Porto Katsiki beach is located 40 kilometres south-west of the capital of Lefkada and it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Long and sandy, this beach is surrounded by impressive hills and it is reachable by 80 steps descending along the cliff. A car parking and snack bars can be found on top of the stairs. Porto Katsiki can also be reached by taxi-boat from the villages of Vassiliki and Nidri. Having become very popular over the years, this beach attracts thousands of visitors during summer time. strong2) Egremni Lefkada: 40 km south west of Lefkada Town/strong Egremni is a beautiful beach situated 30 kilometres south from the Lefkada's capital. The long sandy beach is surrounded by impressive barren cliffs. The sandy shore is soft and the water is extremely crystal Considered among the best beaches in Lefkada, Egremni is well organized with sun beds, umbrellas and some beach bars. The first things to impress visitors is the large size of the beach, the white sand, the abrupt cliffs and the crystal water. Egremni is reachable by car and bus. There is a large parking space above the beach and visitors have to climb down a lot of stairs to get to Egremni. strong3) Kathisma Lefkada: 15 km south west of Lefkada Town/strong Kathisma is one of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada. It is located 14 kilometres east of the capital, nearby the village of Agios Nikitas. The long beach has fine white sand and the sea is of an amazing turquoise colour; the whole place is surrounded by impressive cliffs. Sun beds, umbrellas and water sports facilities can be found there, as well as various accommodations, restaurants and bars. 15 minutes from Anesis Village Studios and Apartments strong4) Agios Ioannis Lefkada: 3 km west of Lefkada Town/strong Agios Ioannis beach is the closest beach to the island's capital, just a couple of kilometres away, and one of the best beaches of the island. Endless, golden and sandy, with turquoise waters, the beach reminds of a Caribbean landscape; the remains of old windmills give to the place a unique strong atmosphere. Because it is a windy beach it has become the second favourite windsurfing spot of Lefkada after Vassiliki. It attracts many skilled windsurfers and kite surfers. Only 5 minutes from anesis Village Studios Apartments: strong5) Agios Nikitas Lefkada: 13 km south west of Lefkada Town Agios Nikitas is a small fishing village of located 12 kilometres west of the capital of the island. It has a beautifulttle beach boarded by some excellent taverns. Because of the proximity of the village to some of the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada (Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Pefkoulia) it has now become an important resort attracting thousands of visitors every summer. The area surrounding the beach offers a wide range of accommodations among which some specially organised to house windsurfers and their material. 6) Agiofili: 40 km south of Lefkada Town/strong Agiofili beach is situated near the village of Vassiliki, 38 kilometers from the town of Lefkada, on the southern part of the island. It is a small beach with sandy coast and crystal waters and offers various water sports activities,ke windsurfing, scuba diving, and sea kayaking, in a relaxing and care-free atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the small bay of Ammousa. The village of Vassiliki offers facilities for those interested in terrain activities,ke trekking and mountain biking. Most nearby tourist facilities are found in Vassiliki, where there are rooms to stay, taverns to eat and bars to enjoy yourself. Agiofili can be mainly reached by boat. strong7) Amousa: 42 km south of Lefkada Town/strong It's a bit of a drive from the main coastal road (4 km) to this beach but the journey is pleasant, taking you through the green surroundings you find all over the island. You will finally reach a pretty small bay which is bordered with rocks. The water here is very calm and the beach itself is mostly made up of large, smooth, white pebbles. A few boats bob in the bay and there are also loungers here. strong8) km south west of Lefkada Town/strong is an impressive large sandy beach of located north of the fishing village of Agios Nikitas, 10 kilometres from Lefkada Town. Considered as one of the best beaches of the island, the sea at Pefkoulia has a wonderful turquoise colour, as if some bleach has been dropped in the blue waters. Easily accessible and very popular, this beach can get overcrowded during summer. Some taverns can be found in the area. strong9) The beach of Poros Mikros km south of Lefkada Town/strong is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Lefkada, located 25 kilometres south of the capital, nearby the village of Poros. The long sandy beach is boarded with crystalline waters and has sun beds, umbrellas, taverns and snack bars. strong10) Desimi / Geni: 22 km south of Lefkada Town The bayes on the small peninsular near to Vilcho. It is surrounded by a large campsite which you have to walk through to reach the pebbly beach. There is a superb view from here of the hillsides. As with nearby Vilcho Bay you will find the sea here is a bit of a playground for speedboats and small yachts. There are off white rocks to the left of the beach in which you can pick out a cave. The water here is clear despite all the boats. As you can see Lefkada has many choices to enjoy the sea, the water sports and the sun. Do not miss our suggestions. You will love it for sure. However, Lefkada has got many other beaches you can explore by you car, on foot, even by your own boat. We will come back with another article, and of course the best tips for exploring Lefkada with a different way. br class=clearp